Some visitors to our site have inquired about Putnam genealogy.  Here is what we know.

We are descended from John Putnam and Priscilla Gould, who came to this country from England sometime between
1627 and 1641 as part of the Puritan migration of that time.  They settled in what was then Salem, Massachusetts,
now Danvers.

There are a number of famous Putnams who were descendants of John Putnam and Priscilla Gould, including General Israel Putnam (served in the French and Indian War and in the American Revolution) and General Rufus Putnam (served in the American Revolution).  We believe that the founders of the Putnam publishing company and the Putnam investment firm are also part of this family.  We are not closely related to any of these famous Putnams.

Our line of descent from John Putnam is as follows:

                                                                       1. John Putnam (c1580-1662)
                                                                             m. Priscilla Gould
                                                                       2. Thomas Putnam (c1614-1686)
                                                                             m. Ann Holyoke (1st wife)
                                                                       3. Edward Putnam (1654-1747)
                                                                             m. Mary Hale
                                                                       4. Edward Putnam (1682-1755)
                                                                             m. Sarah ??? (1st wife)
                                                                       5. Holyoke Putnam (1706-????)
                                                                             m. Esther Lovell (2nd wife)
                                                                       6. Thomas Putnam (1754-????)
                                                                             m. Suzanna Stone
                                                                       7. Luther Putnam (1784-1850)
                                                                             m. Sally Batchelder
                                                                       8. Joel Putnam (1814-1908)
                                                                             m. Esther Howe
                                                                       9. Luther Putnam (1842-1929)
                                                                             m. Laura Celinda Kinsley (2nd wife)
                                                                       10. Joel Kinsley Putnam (1874-1967)
                                                                             m. Mabelle Butler
                                                                       11. Harold Putnam (1914- )
                                                                             m. Lois Gould
                                                                       12. William Putnam (1950- )
                                                                             m. Donna Wilkinson

The first six generations listed above are documented in a book titled "A History of the Putnam Family," by Eben Putnam, published in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1891.  We do not have a copy of this book, but we know that a copy exists in the Special Collections of the library at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine.

Thomas Putnam (b. 1754) is the ancestor in our line who moved from Massachusetts to Vermont, probably in the early 1780s.  Luther Putnam (b. 1784) lived near where we now live, and Joel Putnam (b. 1814) bought the farm where we now live in 1854
We would be interested in more information about Thomas Putnam (b. 1754).  We would like to know more precisely when he moved to Vermont.  We would like to know where he lived in Vermont.  It appears that he lived in Bethel, Vermont, during the 1790s, but he probably also lived in other places. We would like to know when and where he died, and we would be interested in information about his other children.
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